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For more information about the carbon offset program and the initiatives it supports, including Forest Again and Stoves for Life,
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build a better planet eco 2 librium

build a better planet eco 2 librium


In the lush Kakamega region of Kenya, teeming with life, biodiversity, hope, and promise, a forest is being reborn.

For generations, the young girls of this region have had to trek for miles in search of wood. Their daily quest can be as far as eighteen miles, often traveled throughout the perilous darkness of night. Day by day, acre by acre, they've cleared the forest, home to countless precious species of wildlife. Often, these girls are too exhausted from their laborious journey to attend school.

For generations, the young boys of this region have had to forgo their studies to tend to herds of cattle. As more and more rainforest is cleared for cattle grazing, more young boys are needed to tend to the herds. These children are robbed of their chance to study, learn, and secure a better life for themselves and their families.

Fortunately, there are programs to stop this cycle of lost opportunity, and bring about a new culture of hope and growth.

A Forest Reborn examines the devastating effects of carbon dioxide emissions and climate change, and probes the controversial cap and trade (carbon offset) programs designed to lessen the impact of these emissions.

A Forest Reborn looks at two initiatives, started in Kenya's Kakamega Forest : Forest Again and Stoves for Life, which are an integral part of a carbon offset program. So far, these vital initiatives have reduced the need for rainforest lumber, planted new trees in the Kakamega Forest, and created jobs caring for the trees. Hence, the local community, now, has an incentive to care for, rather than clear, the forests. Moreover, the new, green jobs allow children the opportunity to attend school, gain the valuable skills needed to improve their quality of life, and secure a more promising future.


Since the earthquake on January 12, 2010, Yes We Can For Progress, a grassroots, multi-cultural umbrella organization, has been working with various other humanitarian groups, serving as a supportive crossing bridge to bring visions to reality.
During visits to Haiti, it became apparent that the care of mothers and children who have been orphaned, injured, or otherwise traumatized is a major priority.
Hence, the need to create the "Mommy & Me" School and Residence.

Our mission is to provide care with dignity through the establishing of
a group residence in a secure and supportive family living environment setting, for expectant mothers of age 14 – 21, many of whom are victims of rape, along with offering quality care for their newborns.
We, also, intend to provide primary and secondary education for school children through the age of adolescence.

Yes We Can For Progress, working with Build A Better Planet,
is dedicated to teaching the young people of Haiti community building,
by giving them the skills they need to create a sustainable economy.
Build A Better Planet will be filming the construction of the first sustainable school in Haiti!

build a better planet eco2librium

build a better planet eco2librium

build a better planet eco2librium

build a better planet eco2librium

build a better planet eco2librium

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